What is this site?

If you are an educator, a researcher, a student, a maker, a tinkerer, or a STEM enthusiast, this site is for you. STEM BUILD was created to fill a need in STEM education: a better, more inclusive way to teach complex concepts and processes that occur across space and time. This website was developed to facilitate a collaborative community where individuals with different backgrounds and areas of expertise can share tactile teaching tools and associated lessons. Because few of us have the skills needed to develop both interactive 3D models and lesson plans, STEM BUILD provides a place where you can upload a model and find a collaborator to write a lesson plan, find a model in need of a lesson, or even download a classroom-ready package.

Ready to contribute? If you have an NC State UnityID, you can log in using the link at the bottom right corner. For non-NC State users, simply email group-stembuild-support@ncsu.edu from the email address you’d like to be associated with your account, and you will be manually added as a STEM BUILD user!

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